vendredi 30 mars 2012

Pet Alliance Network

REX is proud to annouce we are now member of the new network PAN 2012 which combines animal transport industry information with local services and flight automation for airlines. We are participatingg the the growth of the new network by providing training and animal care courses to all new affiliates, whether airline or freight handler. With this state of the art system passengers will be able to asses the risks of the animal flying and then provide the correct procedures and guidance to passengers whether their pet is travelling in cabin, as excess baggage or as cargo (pets travelling alone) to any location with any airline.

PAN Members will be able to access the requirements for local quarantine laws and documents required by Customs. This system has been years in the making and is now finally made available to all animal industry professionals. PAN works exactly like airline networks such a Star Alliance/SkyTeam/Oneworld, providing a unified network for the industry.

Benefits will include;

- P.T.R.A (Risk Assesment for all clients)
- AVI Travel Information according to risk and safety for your pets/animals  
- Pet Document Management
- Airline Reservation in Cabin/Excess Baggage
- Animal travelling alone as Cargo on our E-Cargo AWB
- Database of Local Service providers (vets, taxis, relocation agents, freight agents, travel agents etc)

- Document control for all countries
- Free pet experiences for affiliates
- and much more

The true and single united pet network - be part of it now

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